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Originally Posted by MattyMo35 View Post
I don't think there's a way for him to play for Sibir unless he's involved in some sort of a trade. His rights are held by CSKA and they made that abundantly clear. My guess is that he still plays for them even when he would rather play for Sibir.
Tarasenko's KHL rights are held by SKA St. Petersburg, not CSKA Moscow.

And why would he even consider playing for them when he got punished by playing fourth-line minutes for them, and when their coach has been running him down with comments about how he's not ready to play in the NHL yet?

Plus, IIRC, KHL clubs won't let locked-out NHL'ers sign a short-term contract unless they commit to at least one entire season. I don't have first-hand knowledge of what Tarsenko is thinking, obviously, but I can't see him willingly passing on a chance to start playing in the NHL this year, even if it's later in the year and not a "full" 82-game season.

Originally Posted by MattyMo35 View Post
I don't think he'd play in the AHL either. Makes very little sense to travel across the globe to play in an inferior league.
He wouldn't be playing in the AHL for the entire season, unless the owners and the NHLPA are both truly, titanically stupid and piss away the entire year.

I can't see a lockout going past American Thanksgiving; if it goes any longer than that, the NHL might as well fold their tents, because they'll never be taken seriously in the US as a major professional sport again. They'll be ranked somewhere below MLS or the WNBA in terms of appeal to the general public.

The Blues may not be "officially" allowed to speak to Tarasenko in this circumstance, but I would think that they have "connections" who could put a bug in T-90's ear that just showing up in Peoria and saying, "I'll play here until the big boys get their **** together" would go a long way towards making him the face of the Blues' franchise going forward.

What better way to say, "I bleed Blue, not Russian Red," than to do that? Every Blues' fan alive would kiss the ground he walks on if T-90 showed that kind of Plager-like devotion to this franchise.

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