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HF Jets Fantasy Hockey League (Keeper) 2014-15 Season 3

I will preface with: I hope there actually is a season. So this might be a bit premature, but I'd want to try and get 20 people into the league given the season is a go. If not, we'll just start next season.

Note: If you are deemed to be inactive for a certain period of time (to be determined), you will be removed from the league. Attempts will be made to contact you before you are removed.


With that said, here are the details (anything is subject to change),

League Settings

Number of teams: 16 (2 divisions of 8 teams)
Scoring type: Head to Head points (weekly match-ups)


Roster size: 20
Starters: 16
Bench: 5
IR: 1

The starters will consist of: 3 forwards, 2 centres, 2 LW, 2 RW, 4 D-men, 1 utility and 2 goalies.

There are no limits for games played.

Scoring (suggestions welcome for additional scoring)


Goals: 3
Assists: 2
PIMs: 0.3
SHG: 2
SHA: 1
Power play points: 1
Shots on goal: 0.1
Plus/Minus: 0.2
Hat trick: 5


Wins: 5
Goals Against: -1
Saves: 0.2
Shutouts: 3

Acquisition and Waiver Rules

Lineup Changes: Weekly: Lock at First Game of Week
Player Acquisition System: Waivers
Season Acquisition Limit : No Limit
Matchup Acquisition Limit: 7 (for 7-day matchups)
Waiver Period: 1 Day
Waiver Order: Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order


You will be able to keep 5 players on your roster for the next season.


Draft Type: Snake
Draft Date: Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 8:00 PM ET/7:00 PM CST*
Seconds Per Pick: 60
Draft Order: Reverse order of 2013 standings

*Date and time can be moved to accomodate everyone.


Username Team Name
Hammer Slammer Hammer Slammer
vBurmi Blue-Line Dekes
Basalt13 Springfield Isotopes
sully1410 North End Warios
EastRiver East River
Reims The Negotiators
atl thrasher344 Ковальчу́к Aрми
tbcwpg Seguin's Alarmclocks
bhay1987 Sunny St. James
Saunderosa Peg City Annihilators
Inflict Team Inflict
Aries56 Big Trouba In Little China
JetsWillFly4Ever Wichita PurePower
hockeyarena Pardy Poopers
supahdupah Team MegaRad

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