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04-30-2006, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Lordchezz
Seriously, what do you want him to do on the PP, blindly bomb it down the ice "hoping" we get a break away.

You know, there's more stuff going on up the ice outside of the camera view.

We would all love to have him make the long outlet pass everytime the puck gets dumped. But the fact of the matter is that our players are not always open for that quick pass.

IMO Huet does a great job moving the puck in our zone to avoid the forecheck.

I'm sorry but I really think your criticizm is unfounded and unwaranted

this was about tonight's game mainly though.

Pretty much every single time the habs dumped it in the cane's zone the canes got it and dumped it back. And there was no forecheck from the canes side. nothing. The habs players slowly skated back and Huet just kinda stood there waited for the puck and left it for the player to get it.

There's always an open man against the board, you see it done throughout the season. Huet has done it quite often (including in the video a poster put up). Im just asking why would he not repeat this?? Is it the forwards who are not in position? What is the cause of this??

It's not critisism (check out the main GDT for that on Ryder) it's a question. Some of you guys just read what you want to read and then post flaming come backs (as i seen you are very used to doing quite often). Im not *****ing. Im placing a subject of conversation and im looking for an answer.

I could of just as well talked about the lack of cohesion on any lines tonight. But instead this is what i try to discuss about. And all you guys can do is flame me up. That's not very cool.

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