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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
I agree that Sudbury was probably able to draw on more extensive competitive experience than Waterloo to help them win. That is a big advantage for the CHL among the youth categories, because other countries, including the United States, just don't have the multiple levels of highly competitive hockey leagues at early ages that are found in Canada. In Russia, they are trying to remedy the lack of youth competition through the MHL, which is still in its infant stages. Omsk's performance in this tournament was disappointing, but it will be mined for lessons learned that can be used to build on.

The point about OHL's teams winning World Cup games by a 9-1 margin falls into the category of speculative extrapolation. It doesn't exist in the real world. Why not speculate about scores of 14-1 or 19-1? It also implies that the difference between upper-tier and lower-tier CHL teams is huge. If that is true, then the CHL would benefit greatly from the European system of demoting losing teams to lower-level leagues (Junior B) when they are rarely or never able to successfully compete against upper-tier teams. But I have never seen any data to show that. Last season, if Sudbury was in the bottom 50% of the OHL, did they win any games against teams in the upper 50%? I am curious as to how vast is the gap between the upper half and the lower half of the OHL?
I can't speak for Europe but you're dead wrong about the USA. High end competitive youth hockey in the US is definitely on par with Canada.

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