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What Level?

Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
So what happens on the games you miss or are on the same day/time as another evaluation? Stat evaluation is not bound by logistics and evaluates every single player, on every single day, in every single country. This is something that is just not possible by the old guard.
What level are you writing about?

At the levels I was working at there were 2-3 people in each organization assigned to the task. If there was any doubt the player would be invited to the appropriate level for the next try-out camp. The way evaluations work missing a few games either due to player injury or evaluator absence does not matter. 36 game season,player graded out of /100 per game.So if a player is grading at 80 over 35 games, miss one and what is the worst that happens? He grades a 100 it becomes a 80.55. Balanced by the fact that the best and worst games are factored out so he is not penalized at all.

At the higher levels leading to the NHL entry or beyond you have access to the game films, organizational birddogs,independents who want to break into the loop, central scouting, combines,etc.
Players are not disadvantaged nor are the teams.

On the other hand fundamental flaws in a player's game are never caught by stats regardless of their sophistication or provenance.

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