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08-26-2012, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ChChChChimo View Post
In other words people said what you are dying to hear so you automatically believe them and claim its evidence. That speaks volumes about you.

Oh and putting Betsy on their makes me laugh. I have had a number of interactions with her, none of which had anything to do with LA or even a mention of him! And can tell you that women has some issues.
So let me understand this. People say things in the public domain and there is something wrong with me believing them, but you make disparaging remarks about one of those people with no detail and we are all supposed to believe your discrediting her? That's precious.

Originally Posted by ChChChChimo View Post
You really need to either learn how to read what someone writes AND comprehend what is written or quite lying in order to be able to declare yourself a winner in an argument you create.
Ah yes, a page out of the LA playbook. When you don't like the message, insult and try to discredit the messenger. Personally attacking me does not substantiate your position.

Originally Posted by ChChChChimo View Post
That is complete BS. If you cared about the sport you would be all about busting current riders, doctors and DS's, about getting rid of a corrupt UCI, forcing WADA and the ADA's to be transparent instead of getting worked up with anger at LA and resorting to make things up in order to attack people who understand that LA is not the real issue with cycling. This is all about some irrational, emotional investment you have in LA and everything else is secondary, at best.
Once again you choose to attack me and claim you know what I think. I've not spoken on the issues you list other than the UCI in which case I make the same point you do.

If you can't discuss the issues professionally without calling me a liar or my comments BS please stop responding to them.

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