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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan
Here's a few reasons why many hate him:

- After his 2001-02 season, we pretty much all thought we had found the replacement for Roy. The franchise goalie who you can count on for several years and pretty much every season. What happened the next season? Theodore failed us with a mediocre at BEST season after getting the big bucks. Theodore then failed us this year with an absolutely horrible season after getting the big bucks again. Theodore broke many Habs fans hopes because he couldn't even come close to duplicating his 2001-02 season, yet still demanded huge superstar type salaries.

- In the playoffs, Theodore was never all that great. In 2002, in the first 4 games of the Bruins series, he was shaky at best. He did steal games 5 and 6 but then completely melted down in games 4, 5 and 6 against Carolina in round 2. In 2004 against Boston, he was pretty much horrible from games 1 to 4. Him being so dreadful in the first 4 games made a 5 game series into a 7 one, which cost the Habs tons of energy and led to the easy TB series win.

- After every poor performance by Theodore, all he ever said was how the team had to play better. Rarely if ever he said ''I lost this game for us'' tonight. Many people felt Theodore was not a team player and a locker room cancer as a result.

- His many media buddies constantly praised and defended him. Awarding him stars when he didn't deserve them, going out on TV and saying stuff like ''Theodore deserves 6 million since he is the face of the franchise.'', etc

- Finally, you have all the scandals Theodore has been involved. Sometimes it's been his family and not him directly, but eventually people get fed up of the constant soap opera. Hells angels, propicia, loan sharking, his father in law's arrest, etc

Hope this helps you out.
Awesome post.

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