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Originally Posted by bigbadbruins1 View Post
It depends. If the Bruins pay him his 3 million left on his current contract THIS year then his contract expires at the years end. if they chose to suspend him without pay then it pushes his contract out another year.
Seguin will definitely stay, horton I'm not sure. I like the guy but if he gets reinjured I think the bruins would have to let him walk, especially where he will get 4m+ again, even with the injuries.
Money wont be the issue though. Thomas should come off the books, they can put savards cap hit toward resigning by adding him onto LTIR. easy 9 million there. the only player that will have a large cap increase is seguin with probably a 2 million increase (his current hit is 3.6ish due to bonuses)
Marchand has Wade Arnott as an agent and is already a 28-27-55 player at 24 years old. He'll be getting a big raise from $2.5 million/year. Lucic & Rask, it depends but if things go well for the Bruins this season (assuming there is a season), we could be talking about enough raises to eat up all of Thomas' freed cap space and then some. Then you have to hope there's either a cap increase or salary rollback or that a cheap kid like Knight, Spooner or Koko is ready to take Horton's spot.

As of now financially, Horton looks to be on his way out after the season, but there are WAY too many factors for any of this to be anything but immature speculation.

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