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05-01-2006, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by night-timer
For me it's backwards crossovers, pivots and flat-out speed.

I also have trouble with one-footed stops on my weak side. I think I need to dig my foot/leg into the ice harder.

I prefer having my skates a little blunt, but someone tells me that sharper skates will improve my speed. Any tips on good backward crossovers?
Actually, duller skates are faster. The sharper the skate the more it digs in, thus creating drag. Dull skates glide over the ice, creating no drag to slow you down.

But, you can't push off as well when your blades are too dull, so it will effect the power you generate with your extensions. Finding the right hollow for your skates is paramount.

For speed, try doing the above mentioned drill, as well as working on your form. The more power you generate from each stride the faster you will be, but having an explosive acceleration is a powerful tool as well.

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