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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Its too much of a % of a players total points. Why should a rb with 30 yards and a td get as much than one with 100 yards but no td? Because that 100 yard runner wasnt the lucky recipient of the free touchdown playcall on the goalline? If fantasy football is a measure of the individual players performances then lessening the value of touchdowns while increasing the value of individual stats is a better system.

Look at Ray Rice, now that his touchdown vulture (I believe it was mcgahee, probably wrong though) is off the roster he's a #1 fantasty running back. You cant tell me you havent been ticked off watching a game that you have a fantasy player on offense and see your player whether it's a qb or a wr with a big catch leading up to it only to miss the endzone by inches and then the next play the gimme touchdown is handed to the goalline back for the bulk of the bulk of the points.
ya, but scoring is the ultimate goal. getting to the 1 inch line is not. It's not like the other guy didn't get credit for his yards.

In hockey you see similar plays all the time. Geno or Sid make great plays, get a shot on net and it gets saved. Dupuis or Kunitz pop in and vulture the goal. Sid might have done most of the work, but Dupuis did the part that really matters the most. Dupuis rightfully gets the goal and Sid rightfully gets the assist.

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