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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
What's hilarious is you think a trophy makes one defenseman significantly better than another. The Norris trophy has annually been a joke because point production is weighted too highly in the whole scheme of things.

A bunch of guys I don't care about voted Karlsson best "Defense"man in the league even though he doesn't play short-handed minutes. It's quite clear that the NHL needs to bring in an Offensive D trophy and the Norris can be awared to the best defenseman.

No one is arguing that Karlsson isn't an elite offensive talent from the back-end. But it's a joke when you call a rover, who can't play short handed, and is a tragedy in his own end (adequate at BEST), the best D man in the league.

I don't care if Subban or Markov ever win or get nominated for the Norris trophy. I don't give two flying ****s about a popularity contest. What I see on the ice is the most important factor. Those two are exemplary at their position and both possess unique qualities that you want in D and are extremely hard to find.
I find it hard to call anyone who's well known as a playoff and pressure ghost "exemplary". Teams used to game-plan around Markov... 4-5 years ago. Now they just pressure him and they know he'll either cop out from the play or pathetically try to take a hit and crumble like a broken sandbag.

This isn't 2008, no matter how badly you'd like it to be.

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