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08-26-2012, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I completely grasp it and I completely disagree. Fantasy football is indeed based on measurable stats. Touchdowns are just as good a measurable stat as yards.
To what ratio? I didnt say make touchdowns worth nothing, I just believe they're tuned to be worth too much point wise in a fantasy setting for the reasons I indicated. When you have a 60 yard completion by a WR that is a highlight reel type play and something that rarely happens if its not completed for a touchdown that is typically worth 6 points due to the 1 point per 10 yard scoring format. Most standard scoring I dont even believe they offer points for receptions. The touchdown is worth 6 points so a fullback getting the call on the 1 yard line which is a very high % success rate playcall will get the same points as that highlight reel play by the WR earlier despite a much more routine play.

I believe in the league I ran I knocked TD's to something like 4 points and counted points for receptions and increased points per yardage and increased point penalty for fumbles or interceptions thrown to offset some of the gains in points. How is that not a sensible way to score a fantasy sport?

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