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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
fieldgoals are fluff as theres not much of a difference between a great kicker and an average one. I do usually try to get Janiskowski due to his leg and long field goals being worth more but other than him there is little difference and its more of a situation on a team that is a factor of how many points a kicker will get than the kickers actual ability. Like if a team is real crappy in the redzone the kicker for that team will be worth more fantasy wise. Essentially it's almost like picking a team defense in a way.
do you think a field goal should be worth 3 fantasy points? I don't see how you could reasonably set a touchdown to only be worth 4 if a fieldgoal is still 3. Make a fieldgoal half so 2, and now extra points should be 2/3 of a point.

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