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08-26-2012, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
First of all I don't claim to "work in the professional hockey industry." This is a hockey discussion board. If you're looking for industry professionals here, you're more naive than I thought. I'll restate it for you, since last time you understood it the second time you read it.
If I am looking for industry professionals on this board? I'm not sure why you would think that given the tone of my previous posts. That said there are probably more people on this board who's work is directly involved in some way with hockey than there are lawyers, they just don't run their mouths about it or name drop nameless firms to try and get some credibility.

Your reading comprehension and difficulty you seem to experience keeping up in general don't really lend any credibility to the possibility of you being a lawyer. Then again Nancy Grace was somehow a lawyer, so what the hell.

Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
That doesn't say I work in the professional hockey industry. Here's a simpler explanation.

I'm a senior partner in a law firm. There are 11 senior partners, 6 associates, 4 practice assistants, and 2 paralegals. Five of my fellow partners have represented coaches, players, scouts, GM's, various front office personnel, and several ownership groups across the four major sports.

My practice group specializes in sports marketing, naming rights, arena management, and revenue stream maximization.
That sounds like working in the professional hockey industry to me, but anyway. The question remains, what firm?

Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Since you're local, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and come to the "janitors office?"
Mostly because I don't have any.

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