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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
The Sens were not contenders last year, they are a bubble team. Actually if you put Karlsson on the Habs and PK + Markov on the Sens, we still finish in the lottery and you probably would be singing about how valuable Subban was for them and how Karlsson doesn't have the overall game and intangibles that he brings. Works both ways.
I'm sure your shiny crystal ball must be great to have but saying what "would" have happened in some alternate universe is akin to being a babbling fool. How does anyone base an arguement on that? You do realize that Ottawa was in fact better than Montreal and Karlsson did on fact win a Norris. Your assumption that having Karlsson on the Habs makes no sense what so ever based on what he actually did accomplish in real life.

Why berate a kid who's obviously an extremely talented young budding star? Because he's not a Hab he must suck and be inferior to the guys we have? It's not a bad thing to say a player Ina different team is good. No one will think you're any less of a Hab fan. Saying that Markov is a better option than Karlsson is just about one of the most homer comments I can think of. I mean why would a 22 year old Norris trophy winner be more desirable than a 34 year old who's had two major knee surgeries and barely played in the past two years? Because one is a Hab and the other isn't? If you want to believe that, have fun with that.

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