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08-26-2012, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
1. Zuccarello had the same PPG as Stepan in his rookie season.

2. Zuccarello didn't get his chance at all. He was scoreless for 3 games in October and got sent down for the majority of the season. He was called up late in March, despite tearing up the AHL. He played pretty well down the stretch with Boyle on the 3rd line, it added another element to our line up. His season unfortunately came to an end with the fluke wrist injury.
Stepan was a 20 year old straight out of the NCAA. Zuccarello was 23 with NA experience. Zuccarello, for all of his hype and supposed skill, should have outperformed Stepan, but it was the other way around. Stepan was a much more valuable player than Zuccarello ever was.

I agree that he wasn't overly special in his stints and he was quite weak by NHL standards. But, I don't think it was worth hot dogging him into games when he didn't even get ice time, either way, I still see him as better than Bickel, despite being weak. That's what I mean by him not getting a fair shot.
Why play a promising young player in a bad situation, where he'll get 10 minutes and be physically dominated? That's stupid.

No, I think both of these guys were on short leashes because they were 'soft euros' and not the prototypical, 'heart and soul' NA player.
Hardly. Zuccarello was 5'6 and an average skater. When he wasn't playing well offensively, he was downright useless. Most of the time, he was simply 'OK' offensively, and for a one-trick pony, that doesn't cut it. He was a player with heart, just like Prucha, but neither of them stuck in the lineup because they were small, weak, and overall, useless.

Erixon simply wasn't ready for the NHL. Bickel was tougher and added a good 6th D element in the regular season. I strongly doubt Erixon would have been any good in the playoffs. He probably would have been worse than Bickel.

This whole "oh he wasn't played because he's a Euro" stigma is ridiculous. Tortorella isn't basing his roster spots off of nationality.

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