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12 team draft. Scoring is a TD only (no yardage) league with an important distinction being QB's get 6 also instead of the more common 4 points. That increases the value of QB's higher than most fantasy mags and guru lists have them. In fact the highest RB on my overall pre-draft rankings was Foster at 5th. Kickers are basic 3fg 1extra point, defense are 6td 2safety and 1 point per turnover

Leagues been together about 15 years now, with only a few turnovers during that time.

Drafting #5 overall of 12, snake draft:
1. QB Matt Stafford -- other 3 QB's I had ahead of him and Foster were gone. So it's either McCoy or Stafford. My rankings say if I skip Stafford I'm going to get another QB with 4-5 less TD's and lower upside. If I skip McCoy I think I can get another RB with 3-4 fewer TD. Also I'm a bit worried about the Philly offense this season.
2. WR Jordy Nelson
3. RB Ahmed Bradshaw
4. RB Willis McGahee -- think he will score 9-12 TD's this season with an improved offense and Tebow not taking all the goal line carries.
5. WR Eric Decker
6. TE Aaron Hernandez -- would have preferred to wait a bit longer but the way the draft fell he had the largest gap between the next best TE on my listings while my WR and RB rankings had a lot of comparable players remaining, some of which would slip to my next pick where Hernandez wouldn't.
7. WR Antonio Brown
8. RB Shane Vereen -- expect him to get 6-8 TDs
9. K David Akers
10. QB Andrew Luck -- backup
11. WR Devery Henderson
12. RB Lerron McClain -- remember this is a TD only league
13. RB Deangelo Williams
14. WR James Jones
15. Buffalo defense
16. We leave one roster spot undrafted, add a player after the draft.

Love playing this league because the scoring rule differences trip up a lot of people that are used to ranking players in the more common yardage, ppr or 4pt QB TD scoring systems.

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