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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
You're completely out to lunch on this. Sorry. There's really no other way to put it.
Completely disagree. Callahan is a good player, but I think Dave Bolland is better, more proven and has the pedigree of performing in the playoffs every year.

Callahan consistently is healthier and more productive than Bolland. Bolland has one season of 40+ points, and no 20 goal seasons. Callahan has 3 of each. I don't care about his "Corsi" or any of that crap. Callahan is in arguably the better player. Bolland is one of those players that is given WAY more credit than he deserves on this board.
He is given a lot of credit because he is a top tier shutdown center. You really can't argue with his pedigree. Much higher playoff PPG and was put in a role to shut down the Sedin twins for 3 yrs and Thornton/Richards in the playoffs.

You're just simply posting points. That doesn't tell the whole story. Bolland is pretty much the epitome shutdown center. He literally starts the majority of his shifts in his own end, unlike Callahan and puts up an astonishing zone percent finish. This is pretty much why Bolland's offensive production isn't as high, it's because he's constantly pressured to play defensive sound hockey on a generally mediocre defensive team. When you factor in that one plays the center position and the other plays the wing, that just sways me towards to natural center altogether. So yes, call me a 'hater' for picking the more complete, more talented and more proven player.

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