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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
I wasn't going to respond to this, but here it goes.

1. Zuccarello was well liked guy. You want to discuss PPG? Enjoy. This isn't a numbers game here. He wasn't a top 6 forward and his playing style didn't fit the way the Rangers play the game. It's as simple as that. He got a chance late in the season bc they were desperate for offense. He started to turn it on, but unfortunately broke his hand. 'Thems the breaks.' the Rangers weren't prepared to offer him a 1-way deal at this point so he jumped ship. I don't blame either party here.
If he only wanted a 1-way contract, I don't blame the Rangers either. He clearly hasn't earned it yet. I'm not sure if this is the case, but if it is, then I can understand why the Rangers balked at that.

2. Erixon. The Rangers tried him in the NHL early, and he CLEARLY needed more strength and seasoning. Do you remember his late season call up? They auditioned him, and decided he wasnt strong enough physically for playoff hockey. Just because a player is developing in the minors doesn't mean he "wasn't given an opportunity." Give me a break. You think Tortorella went with a lesser player bc he was North American? That's an absolute joke, and an insult to Tortorella. Bickel wasn't impressive at all, but he played against NHL players all year, and was strong enough to battle in the corners.
Bickel strong on the corners? I didn't see it like that. He played 5 minutes per game and looked awful in it. Erixon was never this bad. I definitely think Erixon would've been a big improvement over Bickel, despite the physical grind of the playoffs, but unfortunately he wasn't given time to evaluate by the coaches during the regular season. He would've been a pretty underrated asset for the playoffs and a player that could actually lead a breakout, make smart offensive plays. Perhaps, I'm in the minority in this one, but Erixon may have been a huge asset for the team. Especially since the breakout from our defenders was our weak point all playoffs.

Your talk of European bias is laughable. Rangers gave a 'soft euro' named Gaborik a huge UFA deal. They brought up a young Swede named Hagelin, but oh yea, they were biased against Swedish Erixon - who they had just TRADED TO GET, because he's a 'soft euro.'
Yeah, I worded it pretty badly there. Not 'European bias', but I think management didn't have enough patience with the kids overseas as most young Euros need an adjustment period to fill out their games.

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