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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Notice the irony that four of my MLD picks are involved - 2nd center, two defensemen and a #1 goalie. Yet certain GMs pan the picks.
There's a big difference between one or two year wonders and all-time greats. The ATD sub-board looks at careers to date, no projections into the future and not just this year's performance.

Someone once drafted Svatoš, a young NHL 30-goal scorer, in the MLD (simply because he had just had one great year his rookie season and was popular at that point in time).

How great someone is at one point in time is not the same with how great their careers are in terms of all-time respect. Cheechoo wasn't among the top-2000 picks last year and deservedly so (though the Single-A Draft had several picks his career approximated in terms of overall value). He would have been a bad MLD pick in his best season too.

History is littered with guys who had one or two great seasons.

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