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05-01-2006, 08:47 AM
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Sore feet, Graf 703's

I've been skating in Graf 703's for five years now. While I love the skate and the it's performance, they beating the crap out of my feet. There are two problem areas. One is the top of my foot (a big lump from lace bite), the other are my toes. I think can have the toungue worked on to help with the lace bit. Right now I just keep that area loose when I lace up my skates. The toe area is probably the worse of the two. After skating my toes hurt so bad I have a hard time walking the next day. The next days my toes are red and a little swollen. Also, no matter how warm it is in the rink or how high I crank the heat in my car on the way home my toes are literly ice cold after skating. They stay that way for hours.

I skate with just a basic sweat sock on and I have narrow and boney feet.

Anyway, any ideas on what I could do cut down or get rid of these issues?

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