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Originally Posted by Funky Bunky View Post
-Where do prospects come from? I know there are youth teams and stuff, but how is that all structured?

-Who are some good EPL players to watch besides the big names like Rooney, etc?

-How is the EPL's schedule structured?

Short answer to prospects is, everywhere, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of young prospects everywhere. Most teams will have youth squads and reserve squads and those squads will play other teams youth/reserve squads in a separate league. Most teams will have many scouts in quite a few countries and they will advise teams on the latest and newest young talent, and teams will then sign these youngsters to contracts if they deem them worthy. Teams with more money are able to afford more scouts and ergo more young talent. Some teams are....shall we say ******** to how things should be done and are happy to just buy the talent off other teams as opposed to developing their own. But that's just my opinion.

For your second qu, I cant really answer that, just watch some EPL games and you'll see any guys that are good or not.

EPL is made up of 20 teams, each team plays each other, once home and once away to make up a total of 38 games, and the team that obviously gets the most points wins the league. The schedule is very much tailored to TV, you'll see the big teams play more on a Sunday and non-Saturday days because TV companies want to put them on TV as much as they can. It should be mentioned under FA and Premier League rules no 3pm league games can be put on domestic TV and so the more games that can be put on non Saturday days will make everyone more money. Other than that there isn't much to tell other than the schedule starts in August and ends in May and that unlike some other leagues, apart from the odd international break there are no official breaks in the league so pretty much from August to May is football football football.

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