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Originally Posted by Funky Bunky View Post
-Where do prospects come from? I know there are youth teams and stuff, but how is that all structured?
I'm not familiar with the English system, but I think it resembles the system we have over here in Belgium. Each team has its own youth system where young players are groomed starting from the age of seven. 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 year olds have their own team, and play in their league against the youth teams of other first division teams. Off course, there's a big fight among teams to get the most talented youngsters to join their team. Scouts go and see players in youth systems of teams that play in lower divisions to find that raw talent that might make it to the top.

From the age of 16+, things start to get messy: it can be that very talented players are dropped right into the first squad, others are being sent to the B-squad, which is a mix of youngsters like themselves, adults who lost their place in the A-squad and aren't needed anymore or A-squad members who return from injury and play with the B-squad to build up stamina. They too have their own league.

-Who are some good EPL players to watch besides the big names like Rooney, etc?
I'll leave this question open. The Premier League is such a ridiculously talented league that it's impossible to answer that question. Each team has several stars.

-How is the EPL's schedule structured?
20 teams, so that makes 38 games.

-How good is Eden Hazard? Like could you compare him to an NHL prospect? (Like, where would he be on a prospect scale like HF's? 9.0? Lower?)
Hazard is not a prospect anymore, even though he's only 21. He has proven himself in France over and over again and became youngster of the year (2010) and back to back pro of the year (2011-2012). He's that good. He has only one downside, and that's that he doesn't defend. But then again, if he would, I doubt he would last 90 minutes.

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