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08-27-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
Why would the Pens trade their starting goal tender? I would be more interested in the Pens trading their overpayed "backup" that has never lived up to his drafted #1 overall billing by only being an average goaltender at best.

Occasionally showing flashes of brilliance, but still making rookie mistakes and never really working on the fundamentals (angles, rebound control, puck handling) of the craft, this goal tender has been awarded with start after start without every having to earn his spot.

Out of the last 11 seasons (looking back into junior), this "backup" goaltender has only posted a SV% over .900 in the playoffs twice. In those 2 years >.900 SV%, the Pens went to the SCF. He still retains his undeserved reputation as a "big game goalie" though his playoff SV% is less than his career SV%.

And now you want us to give you the best goaltender the Penguins franchise has ever had (sorry Barasso) in a trade once again only leaving us with the option described above?
And to think he probably hasn't even put on your jersey yet. Talk about pressure!

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