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Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
stupid selfish offer, imho

Of course this works for Donbass-2 as they're being used as the development team for Donbass Donetsk and Berkut is looking to do the same. This would give their prospects a place to play before they're ready for the KHL. However, turning it into a junior league (say 23 and under) wouldn't do much for the owners of the other teams or Ukrainian hockey in general.

If they want a junior league, they should have a couple Ukrainian teams join the MHL, a couple join MHL-B and then create junior A and B leagues for local competition between clubs. This would create a good stepping stone development system for the leagues and would help them to develop KHL-calibur players from the ground up and would create a competitive development system that would retain Ukrainian-born players.

- "PHL-B"- would be a Junior B hockey league for graduates of local AA/AAA* teams.
- "PHL-A"- would be a Junior A league for high-end graduates of local AAA* teams.
- MHL-B- have a Ukrainian team or two join this league for elite younger Ukrainians or guys who can't quite cut it in the MHL, but want to pursue major junior/professional hockey.
- MHL- have a team for each of the Ukrainian KHL teams for Ukraine's most elite prospects to play for.

The Ukrainian KHL teams could then use the PHL as a feeder/farm system for the top graduates of the MHL/MHL-B programs who are either too old for those leagues or are ready for the next level to prepare them for the KHL. This would help to develop talent locally and provide an increasingly competitive league for Ukrainian development and for the national team to fill out their depth from.

So the development system would basically be (in this order): PHL-B, PHL-A, MHL-B, MHL, PHL, KHL with players skipping steps if they are capable.

* Not sure how Ukraine's youth/minor hockey system is ranked, but in North America AA is the second highest level of minor hockey and AAA is the highest.

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