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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Fair enough. I'm being a crotchety *******. I'll try to post more thoughtfully. I just don't like this team right now, sorry guys, I don't. That's neg, and I don't want to be neg about the Habs. And I know we are moving in the right direction, but this is a thread about next year, remember. I'll be more precise: 1. Centers that cannot score goals. This is a very bad problem, and one I have rabbited on about enough in other threads. If you don't agree, fine. I think it's the worst thing about this team. I dislike our center lineup, very much. 2. Rene Bourque in the top six. Bourque's play last year was a serious concern. I was shocked by it. It is a serious problem. This is a key post on any team, and the guy is what. I don't know. Wounded? On drugs? What? 3. Not one true sniper prospect ready next year, or any year possibly. Not one. We are talking about next year remember. I have some faith in Gallagher, in 2 years, and possibly Collberg, but that's it, that's all, and that's bad. 4. Andrei Markov being depended on. 5. Thomas Kaberle being depended on. 6. Frankie Boullion being depended on. 7. Alex Emelin being depended on. 8. Raphael Diaz being depended on. 9. Carey Price. Yes, I'll say it. Love the guy, but not a shutter of doors last year, in any way at all. Show me the money Carey. Shut the door, just once. No bad D excuses, just shut the door. Been a Habs fan too long, seen the door shut by our goalies with worse D, and under worse pressure, many, many times. Hope this spells out why I'm neg. But hey! Anything can happen if you make the playoffs!
You're excluding the possibility that Bergevin would make positive roster changes once a new CBA is in place,

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