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08-27-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
MB will fix the habs. He will do it mostly from within the organization.
Prospects will get a proper chance to improve in order to earn a spot on the main roster. Sounds simple but it sure has not been implemented in the last few years. Martin was WAY too married to the old veterans. He played them over and over hoping they would turn the team around, well he died with those vets and so did the habs. A waisted year for sure.
MB has handed Timmons a cart blanche finally. No more interference from PG or Gainey. Now on the ice from now on you had better bring your " A " game every night. You had better get along with your team mates and that's ever last one of them. No more in fighting in the room.
Therrien has carte blanche to bench,trade,send down ANYBODY that does not buy into the NEW HABS. This I think will have an effect because I think at least one of the players will test the resolve of Therrien right away. This will lead the player to go to MB office and there, instead of getting his way he will find the exit door and a MB that will tell the player to put his house on the market or go back and DO what Therrein says, and don't slam the door on the way out. We may never hear about all this but I bet this will happen in the first two months. The rest of the players will of course know all this and realize things have really changed. most will be very very happy, the silent ones will realize that doing just enough to get by is NOT good enough anymore. No more easy resort living, no more palm trees and pina coladas hockey. By the way did anybody else notice that NO and GET OUT OF HERE sound the same in any language. Translators not need.

The Feel of the Habs this year will be very different. The few additions will help, but over all I don't think anybody does not understand that this coming year is a transition year. A lot of the very best habs prospects wont be ready this year. This year it's called fix the boat up first, plug the holes, repaint, install the best radars and radios and a great new GPS system so the Habs will always know exactly where they are going all the time. Next year it's start adding horse power to the main engines. adding a bigger set of transmissions for the back end and then adding some high powered turbo boosters for the front end of the engines are for next year.
As I was reading this I agreed with 99% of it...when it came to the player not happy with Therrien's system I immediately imagined Plekanec...I don't know why, it just seems to me that he'll be very upset if he isn't given an opportunity to play with Pacioretty and/or Cole with the 1st 15 games or so...And we all know how impressed Therrien was with the DD-Cole-Pax line. I don't imagine Plekanec wanting another year with sub-top-6 players, which either then Gionta he surely will be. I could see him asking for changes....

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