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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
I'm taking Team Vigneault pretty easily. Better defense by far in my opinion.
Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Yeah, I kinda thought so. I think Vigneault has perhaps the six best defensemen in the series and doesn’t give up anything at forward. (actually, out of the 17 “elite” offensive forwards in the starting lineups, 11 are on the Vigneault team, the exception being Hartnell who is there as a role player. The babcock team does have more “pure” role players but Vigneault was able to avoid that by getting guys like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Iginla, Parise, Hossa, and St. Louis.

Lots of Chemistry there too. Sedins, Preds D-men, Stammer/St.Louis, Zet/Dats.

Babcock has a bigger, tougher forward corps and a better penalty kill, but that can’t win out over all the other advantages.

Goaltending is a wash. 1st and 4th in the NHL by most estimations, versus 2nd and… let’s be generous and say Thomas is still considered 3rd.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Games played. Bingo Kampman and other dmen have fewer games during the regular season and fewer significant honours than Karlsson or Letang. To argue otherwise on a career basis your are projecting what Kampman would have done had he played more regular season games. Even if you simply adjust to an 82 game season you are projecting in a negative sense because the AST voting would not increase.

Likewise for forwards - Bob Gracie and others vs Jordan Staal, or goalies, Tom Paton and others vs Jonathan Quick. Regardless of the justification there is a great amount of projecting as described above. This projecting is not sustainable in any fashion by the supporting numbers.
You’re right that kampman also had a very short career. But GP are not the issue; seasons are the issue, as it’s not his fault how short the seasons were back then. So he had five full seasons, plus there are good reasons why he didn’t have more. Even if it’s true he was no longer good enough by 30, we know he was good enough to at least play through the war but didn’t.

Anyway, this exercise was about “right here, right now” and not about “all-time value” so the two can’t really compare.

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