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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Maybe it's just me but if I were naming a product line, I would make it easily searchable. Things like X:60 and X7.0 and one.9 aren't very easy to find on a search engine. Warrior does a much better job, IMO. Widow, Diablo, Dynasty, Dolomite, Kronik, very easy to search.
The problem that some people feel Warrior had was that their naming conventions were confusing to people. Is a Bentley (nice car bro) stick better than a Vandal? What about Anthem? Esquire? They all have nice paintjobs... people looking at it blankly have no idea until the physically check all of the prices. Everyone else has the traditional numerical naming conventions. 100 > 80 > 60 etc.etc.

Heck Warrior's new DT1 - 5 line is numerical, but reversed. The DT1 > 2 > 3 etc.

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