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08-27-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Well, I personally live in Illinois which makes even New York look like Mexico. Everything here is the most expensive in the country. Taxes are skyrocketing, gas is always the highest in the country (world too?, not sure). They pull you over all of the time now too. What are we supposed to do when they keep suffocating us with a higher cost to maintain what we already had? You can't hold anyone accountable for this crap except the corrupt government. Fact is, we'd all have more money saved up (if we were smart, like you said) if it wasn't be stolen from us by a de facto mafia in Chicago. I agree, you pay for the extras, that's money you could have saved for tough times but where I don't agree is that you are in total control because when the government wants more, they take more.
I live in manhattan, so I know about the cost of living increases. My rent went up 12% last year, if it goes up more then I have to either work harder to earn or move to a cheaper place.
Sometimes you can't maintain what you already have, and have to cut back on things you're used to, or move to a cheaper place when things change.

Moving back is a tough pill to swallow for most people, which is why people don't do it until they're completely broke.

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