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08-27-2012, 01:52 PM
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Well this all depends on your money and the requirement of the suit.

Cheap suit will always cost less off the rack.

But you won't impress anybody for sure.
I know it cost more but over the long run you are well served by a good suit.
A hand made or Taylor made suit. there are still quite a few very good old, near retirement, professional Taylor's around Montreal.
You can make a good bargain with one of these small shops for a great suit.
they have been in business for 30 years and still have great bolts of material left on the shelves. They paid a lot less back then so they can make you a good deal. I am sure if you find a few shops like this you can have a hand made taylor made suit using canvas as the inner core ( the olds way) not the current cheap way using light paper core. Canvas core will last 3 times as long and it will hold it's shape for 30
years. These methods of tailoring are still used on Savile row London.

Cost? well that's up to you but I would say 600-800. Bigger name places will want 1000-1200. Don't forget ,this way you get whatever fashion you want and made 1st class. Ask for all the extras like full satan linings, and perhaps silk piping, rubberized belt lining and suspender buttons in case. If you spend some time really looking at the extra stuff you will find a lot more interesting things and of course a nice Gold stitch MonoGram on the inside of your Jacket.
You will look like a million bucks, if you think girls won't notice THINK AGAIN. Men that look like James Bond as they walk into a room make a huge statement and the women's eyes become the size of BIG BALLOONS. The order anything at the bar just remember to say "
shaken not stirred"

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