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08-27-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by surge1979 View Post
I think its fairly telling that tickets for the Manitoba Theatre Centre, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Arts Gallery and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra are NOT charged the entertainment tax when this money is very clearly being used to support them.

Obviously, my post and the stereotypes were tongue in cheek. But if you're saying that mostly poor people goto the MTC, symphony or ballet....well, I question if you've ever been. The issue isn't the socio-economic demographic of the people who goto these events...but rather the fact that there aren't nearly enough of them.
I wasn't saying it's mostly poor people that take in the arts, rather that it isn't just the '12 guys on Wellington Crescent'. Also, these institutions exist to promote the artists themselves, and most of them (symphony included) can't afford the luxury entertainment items like the Jets and (groan) $130 Nickleback tickets.

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