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08-27-2012, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Iginlafan View Post
Both sides are just greedy and they don't care about the fans. I will say I am more on the players side rather than the owners side like I was last time. But that isn't by much. If the NHL does have a lockout I really hope it hurts the league a little bit, maybe be forced to lose a few southern US teams. Sounds bad but maybe that will make people realize the fans are getting sick of this crap!
I disagree completely. If it was a strike, then yes I could say that the players are disregarding the fans (to point) and not putting the game first. But it's a lock-out, and moreover, it's an unneccessary lock-out. The league can spend another season working out the details if they want but instead they choose to stop the game because of greed. This is 100% owners fault. Sure the players could submit to the owners offer and therefore we could see hockey next season, but that offer was so ridiculous that the owners aren't even attempting to prevent a work stoppage. It's insulting to the fans and the players, plain and simple.

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