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Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
If they want a junior league, they should have a couple Ukrainian teams join the MHL, a couple join MHL-B and then create junior A and B leagues for local competition between clubs. This would create a good stepping stone development system for the leagues and would help them to develop KHL-calibur players from the ground up and would create a competitive development system that would retain Ukrainian-born players.

I mean, like I said, look at HC Donbass-2's roster. It's half Russian. If they want to do junior teams, why not play in the MHL? It's better for their development anyway.

Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
- "PHL-B"- would be a Junior B hockey league for graduates of local AA/AAA* teams.
- "PHL-A"- would be a Junior A league for high-end graduates of local AAA* teams.
- MHL-B- have a Ukrainian team or two join this league for elite younger Ukrainians or guys who can't quite cut it in the MHL, but want to pursue major junior/professional hockey.
- MHL- have a team for each of the Ukrainian KHL teams for Ukraine's most elite prospects to play for.
No need to junior a/b the PHL junior circuit, not enough players left over from the ones in the MHL farm in this instance. If they're not good enough to PHL-Jr, and not going pro, they can play night hockey league / WUAHL / beer league, their career's over anyway.

for MHL, have 2 (donbass, berkut) and call it a day. Who would ice a team in MHL-B?

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