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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post

You’re right that kampman also had a very short career. But GP are not the issue; seasons are the issue, as it’s not his fault how short the seasons were back then. So he had five full seasons, plus there are good reasons why he didn’t have more. Even if it’s true he was no longer good enough by 30, we know he was good enough to at least play through the war but didn’t.

Anyway, this exercise was about “right here, right now” and not about “all-time value” so the two can’t really compare.
Regardless you are projecting for Kampman. All we know is what he did during the time he played.As for "all time value" the long seasons penalize the recent players.

The fact remains that various comparisons that contribute to this mythical "all time value" have GP as a base, eg offensive skills are determined by PPG. For the pre WWII goalies you have repeatedly looked at GAA which is a GP influenced stat. So it is very legit to look at GP in determining "all time value".

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