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05-01-2006, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
Bashing Bulis here has to be something like the Leafs fans with their obsessions about Antropov or Ponikarovsky or whoever. The bottom line is these players don't matter. They are filler, and yes, every team needs its share of filler. I'm content with Bulis as the filler we know. If we get somebody better one day, great, but you'll have a difficult time convincing me that we're going to do that. Bulis can skate, play (haphazardly) a bit both ways, and can score 20 goals. If you get that for around $1M a year, it's not going to have any net positive or negative effect on the team. Bulis hasn't had a good series, but until I see something better on the horizon, I'd plan on keeping him around.
Bulis has only scored 20 goals once.

Good teams don't have fillers.

Look at NJ: not a great team, certainly lacking in scoring depth. What fillers do they have? Everyone on that team has a specific role.

Their 'fillers' are players like Brylin and Pandolfo; players who are strong defensively, win battles along the boards, and play very sound fundamental hockey. Bulis does not win battles along the boards and he's prone to really awful defensive plays (that inzone coverage on Williams mid-way through the 2nd was disgusting).

I don't believe in this 'filler' theory. Every player has a role on good teams. Bulis' role, while he was playing well, was to provide speed and win races to the puck, go to the net and complement the two skilled players on his line. He's not been using his speed, hasn't beaten anyone to the puck, and hasn't gone to the net recently. Added to that he's been bad defensively.

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