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12-04-2003, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by ClarkeMustGoDotCom
poor officiating is part of the game. thats just the way it is. Were the calls bad? they probably were but please dont act like the Rangers have never benifited from poor calls that go their way. The Flyers have benifited in games just like every other team in the league.
You think the refs are bad in the NHL? go to a AHL game. Ugh.
Dave Hansen and Harry Dumas come to mind. Dumas is Kerry Fraiser's son in law which explains allot.
Your point will mean more IF the Rangers actually do get the benefit of bad officiating in their favor. So far this year that has absolutely not happened. Until it does I think all Ranger fans have a right to question why the door isn't swinging both ways when it comes to some ridiculous calls that are/aren't being made.

I've been a Ranger fan for many years now and I can't remember a time where I complained about bad officiating as much as I have this year. You might want to say it's because us Ranger fans are searching for excuses to explain our mediocre team but I've seen bad Ranger teams in the past (including the past few years) where I've never had to think about this issue so much.

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