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08-27-2012, 04:26 PM
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From my personal experience:

Moores: Quality is good and prices too but you better be big or somewhat fatty cause they are way too large and its hard to find some slim fit. Same thing for the shirt (i didnt know chemise was shirt in enlish) which aren't slim fit.

Ernest: That's where i took my last 3 suits when they had 50% off.... 3 suits for 800$ 100% wool is a fantastic deal. Slim fit and their home brand his pretty good (I think its Anthony).

Mexx: Good looking suits but you gotta spend a little more time to find some deals. There are always a few suits they have to get rid of so you can save 40 to 60%. Tie are really fine but don't buy Tommy Hilfiger.... Its costy and it gets cumpled fast.

Personal advice buy 100% wool instead of polyester or composit material cuz you'll see you're knees gets used and whitish pretty fast.

Thats pretty much what i know about suits

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