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05-01-2006, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Maniacal Visionary
I am getting so sick of the "He might be playing injured" defence. It's become a complete cop-out, in my opinion. More of an excuse for a player not stepping up. If you're hurt enough that it's affecting you're play, get the hell off the ice! In a perfect world, I'd love to ice a team of Steve Yzerman's (who can play, even dominate, while injured), that's just not the case.

My issue is not this or that player playing badly. My problem is there is too many players not elevating their game. At this point I can see it leaping off the television screen. No more evident in the fact of how many puck battles we lost last night. You've got to be willing to leave blood on the ice. The players we have that do that, aren't gamebreakers.

I think you're right in the fact that some players are seemingly hesitant to sacrifice the way tou need to be successful at this time of the season, but we also have to remember that the team has been playing playoff style hockey for the last half season, so, for a lot of them, I don't think there is much further they can step it up.

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