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Originally Posted by senorchang View Post
Does anyone know what drafting is gonna be like? This would really help gauge the value of picks

My psn is obaidsgtag so can you add that to the frontpage.
You spend the whole season scouting as normal in past titles, from what I can tell. However, the drafting process isn't the same because it would cause problems if you needed to have all 30 GM's on at once and it would also take forever to get through 7 rounds.

Instead, each GM writes up a shortlist of prospects they want to draft. For example, if you're the Ottawa Senators and you have the 14th overall pick in the draft, whoever is first on your shortlist will be automatically drafted to your team. However, if the prospect that is on the top of your shortlist is drafted before your pick, your team will automatically draft the 2nd prospect on your list. So on and so forth.

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