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05-01-2006, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
Bashing Bulis here has to be something like the Leafs fans with their obsessions about Antropov or Ponikarovsky or whoever. The bottom line is these players don't matter. They are filler, and yes, every team needs its share of filler. I'm content with Bulis as the filler we know. If we get somebody better one day, great, but you'll have a difficult time convincing me that we're going to do that. Bulis can skate, play (haphazardly) a bit both ways, and can score 20 goals. If you get that for around $1M a year, it's not going to have any net positive or negative effect on the team. Bulis hasn't had a good series, but until I see something better on the horizon, I'd plan on keeping him around.
Bulis has shown this year he is the type to whine and moan when he doesn't get the ice time he feels he deserves, and then when he's given that ice time to prove himself to his coaches, instead of running away with it, he sits on it. I'm sorry but a filler by (my) definition is someone who will accept his role, no matter what it is, and be a team player. I don't see Bulis fitting that description.

Now for the salary part, yes Bulis is cheap at 1M, but at 20g this year, there is likely a team that will make the mistake of thinking they can get themselves a productive 2nd liner at aroun 2M, offer on which Bulis' agent will likely jump. Plus I'm thinking Bulis can't wait to get to a team that will value all of his "talent".

I'd be shocked if he came back. My opinion of Bulis has taken a major dive this year even though it's his best statistically speaking. If you want to categorized Bulis as a filler and feel we need a few on this team, let's at least get one with a bit more character and sandpaper, that would have the advantage at the very least to not be redundant like Bulis is on this team.

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