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You rock. Thanks for the tips!

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
So as I've stated in previous posts here I bought a package minus helmet/skates.

What did you get specifically?

My shoulder pads seem inadequate around the rib/stomach area. I'd love a decently priced pad that offers more here. I'd limit myself at 80$ but I'd be reluctant. I'm also curious if the padded shirts are worth the coin

The mid level shoulder pads tend to have good rib/stomach protection, but you rarely need it at low levels of rec hockey. Anyways, you need to try them on to see what feels right. I've never used padded shirts but if it's a padded wicking undershirt it would probably work fine.

My elbow pads seem to slide a bit, whats a good way to keep them tight?

Put them on with your arm held straight out instead of bent as your muscles are relaxed. If they still move around, you might need different elbow pads...look for a strap going across the inside of the elbow.

Are slash guards a good investment. I got a good one on the arm that left a nice mark but nothing to write home about, so not sure how common that is.

If you have a gap between your elbow pads and gloves (usually because you are tall or have very long arms) and/or you sweat a lot into your glove, they can be useful.

Lastly, I've seen the garter belts but I have just been tapIng on top and it seems to be fine but just want to make sure I'm not missing out! .

I haven't worn a garter belt since I was a kid. I use a compression jock short with velcro tabs, but my tabs have ripped off long ago. I get socks that are a little thicker/tighter feeling and my huge, muscular thighs ( fat legs) tend to hold them up fine.

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