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05-01-2006, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by sYn
Congratulations. I heard it is difficult to be admitted @ Queen's.

Kingston is a very nice city, you'll see. Have you ever been to the 1000 Islands? It is, IMO, one of the most beautiful part of Eastern Canada.
The city is 50% pro-Hab and 50% pro-Leafs ... maybe a bit of Ottawa fans now also!.

Good luck!

I graduated from Queen's. Kingston is an historical city, in fact, much more like Montreal than Toronto although with a distinct small town feel. If you're living around Queen's almost everything you need is within walking distance including the port and the waterfront, which IMO is the nicest part of Kingston. The campus is very attractive, especially in the spring/summer/early fall. It's cold and windy in the winter, being right on the lake.

If you are considering the lease of a room or apartment close to school, my advice is to be cautious. This is an area known as the student Ghetto and it became famous nation-wide this year thanks to the raucous homecoming celebration that took place on the Aberdeen Street. But houses in this neighbourhood are fairly runned down and most of the landlords are absolute scum. I mean that. If there is one thing I can tell anybody living there, that's it. Any agreements you have, make sure they are in writing but as a future law student I'm sure you already know that.

In terms of Hockey fans, the city is probably divided evenly between Sens, Leafs and Habs fans. But the student body at Queens is predominanlty from SW Ontario and more like 50% Toronto, 30% Ottawa, 10% Montreal and 5% other. All in all, it's a very nice place to spend a few years although if you are not already from ON as a Habs fan I promise you that the Ontario media will waste no time driving you insane with Leafs coverage. Thankfully, Kingston is in the Sens Sportsnet region and TSN doesn't show regional coverage of leafs games in that area. For the Habs, you have to go with satelite to get RDS or NHL Centre Ice with Cogeco Cable for complete coverage. Otherwise, a visit to Shoeless Joes on Princess St is recommended. They have satelite and won't hesitate to change one of their TVs to whatever game you want to watch.

Best of luck.

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