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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
This isn't true Bettman and the owners wanted to meet before Christmas last year but the players choose not to because they believed waiting would put more pressure on the owners, if there is a lockout both sides are equally guilty it isn't just one sided. People call the owners greedy because they want more money but so do the players its a 2 way street. Personally I hope they sign a 1 year deal that is the exact same as this and continue discussions.
We both know that NHLPA didn't discuss a new CBA until they looked over the books. The NHLPA has finally exercised it's right to audit the owner's and this is a lengthy process. There was a growing speculation that Bettman was pushing for early negotiations before the audit so that way the NHLPA either (a) looks bad for delaying negotiations or (b) doesn't have enough time to find discreprencies in the books.

Sure the players want more money, but they didn't propose an insulting offer that guarantees a lock-out. Honestly, what would you have the players do; accept the owner's offer just so we can have hockey this year? That offer was a greedy disgrace of the negotiation process!

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