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08-27-2012, 07:20 PM
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KU: I am confused by your situation. You say you're not physically attracted to her in the slightest, she's apparently more into sex than relationship and that's not how you roll, you've only met her once before. If she's not necessarily in it for a relationship and is currently breaking up with someone else and wanting to screw with you, where is the appeal in all of this for you?

Silverfish: very nice. It was on PS I assume? Poker won't be back in the US for another 2-3 years minimum. I thought about moving to NY when I finished high school and whilst makin the decision, black Friday happened so I couldn't play in NY so that ruined my plans

I play $60 SNG, $5/$10 PLO cash and Tournaments mostly and usually 4 tabling. In the off day, I'll play $60 heads up NLH SNGs but that usually gets me on tilt after an hour or two

I haven't played since summer started my vacation I suppose and also, my account was requested to be plopped over to a different username because my bank was giving me grief

Sorry for the life story, I have no one to talk to about poker

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