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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
hey orpheus are there boss items that you can get only after defeat a boss or like special items that are from monster drops? more unique or stronger than the usual items
Yup! The end dungeons drop end game armor, and you pick which chest you want by fulfilling certain conditions in the dungeon (finishing it in 25 mins, killing a certain mob way out of the way, opening all the chests, etc) to get the loot you want.

The Primal fights also drop their own unique loot, which are generally the best weapons in the game!


Garuda (currently best weapons in the game pre-relic):

Moogles drop weapons at all that make moogle noises everytime you hit something.

Best weapons in the game (FFXIV equivalent of FFXI relics and WoW's legendaries) currently require almost all the content done and take quite a big time investment to finish.

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