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05-01-2006, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by StanAjax
******** arguments !

What about, in our 3 last playoff appearances, we upset twice the 2nd seed and once the 1st ?

What about I'm talking about this year and not talking about the previous years???? How about the top seeds that we beat are mostly Boston, team we can beat even if we're not trying to???

Those are ****ing arguments, it's not that hard, nor is it a problem we can't solve, to understand that we're not as strong as they are but it still doesn't mean we're going to play badly and lose....We can still make it but my main problem is that people sometimes forget what kind of team we really have and expects too much of them.

What that seed means, THIS YEAR, is that Carolina was way more constant than we were, and our style of play doesn't blend well with them, they have a good transition play, we don't forecheck, they have speed on the wings, they do forecheck and our D likes throwing pucks on the boards ,cause the rush is too hard on them. So we then have no good transition whatsoever. USUALLY, the seed means better team, but maybe that's just me....

I also believes that Carolina is not playing at all as of now, if we can't play well, I don't know why they can't either.

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