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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
I'm on the side of nobody. I don't think any of the proposals presented will form a real solution towards fixing anything.

In no business do all the participants rake in a profit. The NHL is the same way. Of course there are going to be have's and have not's. Then you get into what has to be done so make the have not's sustainable so that the league can grow in some fashion. Considering the losses taken on by many of the have-not's, that's simply impossible. For me, the realization hits that the NHL is not popular or profitable enough to sustain 30 teams.

The sooner the 30 team charade is stopped, the league can begin to grow and become profitable so that this doesn't happen. Until it doesn't, this will happen every time the CBA expires. The revenue split between the owners and players is not the real problem. The owners and players can argue about it all they like but it's like putting a bandaid on a gash that is in serious need of stitching. There are too many teams who have been either propped up by the NHL or encountered financial problems that were of no fault of their own, but rather because they are not supported by local residents in a way that a professional sports team should be.

That being said I do have a problem with rollback proposals on contracts that have been agreed to by both team and player. That is wrong. I know that's how things have to be done when the revenue split changes but those were agreements that both parties made in good faith.
I believe the NFL is the only league ALL Teams make money.

Even Jacksonville with ZERO fans. Cause the TV contract is SOOOOO HUGE.

You can put the NFL anywhere in the US. It will make money, regardless of fan base. The TV deal (alone) will keep the team in the Green.

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