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12-04-2003, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
Yes it's a big problem cause Zherdev and Kastsitsyn play on the same team, and it was their team that wouldn't let Zherdev go, from what I understand, but first hand info from Russia is hard to come by. So we'll have to see, it will be interesting this summer.
maybe i'm failing to realize something here... i thought there were two issues, but maybe there is a third that i had considered moot.

1)the IIHF agreement... essentially NHL contracts supercede those of euro-leagues.

2)the nationality issue... russians must (sporadically) serve their military service before departing (not an issue since Kast is not russian)

so, i wonder of the third...

3)CSKA refused to acknowledge that Zherdev had signed, and that the transfer had been paid... they refused to release him and kept the money despite the IIHF agreement.

I considered this moot because it violates 1)... however the agreement just ended, so presumeably as long as Kastitsyn is under contract with CSKA he can't leave. If the system there works like it does here (and it has never seemed that way to me before) then CSKA essentially owns the rights to Kastitsyn and Montreal drafted a player that legally cannot come to NA to play until we kiss enough ass over there to make the higher-ups happy in CSKA? So really, the only thing we have to be happy about (regarding our 10th overall pick in 2003) is that Kast can't play for anyone else in the NHL either...

Montreal, would you mind explaining the legalities of the problem aside from CSKA being pissed and refusing to allow a player to leave, when he may just hop a plane and come over regardless of what they say (a la Zherdev)??

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