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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Iberville and Rosemont is not in Villeray it's in Rosemont petite patrie I went to school 5 mins walk from there. I'd say it's ok, a little poor but not more than the average of the city, I also know there's no homes but only appartments it's pretty close from Rosemont metro ( about 5 mins by bus or a 15mins walk ). All the bars around it are pretty creepy except La boite a marius on Rosemont and Papineau, where you can really get a grasp of quebecois culture.

Going to school right around the corner I know that there's a little bit of gang culture, teenagers selling dope and the occasional troubles with the law, nothing bad really, downtown is a lot more hazardous for these types of problems. On rosemont and de l'orimier ( 2 mins walk ) you also have the restaurant called the Capri open 24hrs 7 days a pretty good diner that has been around for generations, pretty good poutine, smoke meat sandwichs, greek, burgers...

The Olympic stadium, botanical gardens, the biodome and saputo stadium are 10 mins by bus, driving east on Rosemont bus# 197.

Knowing the rent prices around the city I know that Rosemont petite-patrie is one of the cheapest area you'll find. I'd say go for it, don't expect to be in the most fun part of town but as a base for going around the city it's well located.

Sorry about that, google maps says otherwise though(email them to say that they shouldn't put the 'Villeray' title so close to the rest of the actual borough. You're correct, it is a multiplex with a few studios.
Think it'd be alright wandering home drunk at around midnight-1am though?

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